Hamilton's specialists in motor body trimming.
We draw on experience, expertise and a passion for quality trimming.
The team at Waikato Motor Trimmer can perform fast and faultless repairs, at a competitive price.
We love the opportunity to work on a unique job, so talk to us about any ideas you have. 

We are not just motor body trimmers, we're interior designers for cars.
If you've got creative ideas, need a collectors vehicle restored to its original condition,
or want to put some finishing touches on your modified pride and joy, then we are the team for you!
Waikato Motor Trimmer can also do outer body trimming and marine trimming.

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Whatever vehicle you have and whatever style you desire, we can finish it for you!

The team at Waikato Motor Trimmer in Hamilton is qualified and experienced in all the motor body trimming services you will need.
We pay the finest attention to detail. We are passionate about providing top quality motor trimming.

We are the experts you can trust with everything; from the smallest seat repair to complete restorations.
We understand exactly what you want, so that we can bring your vision to life!

Waikato Motor Trimmer - 27 Mahana Rd, Hamilton 3200 - T: 07 8498186 - waikato98@xtra.co.nz